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Evaluation of the Atlantic Strategy adopted by the European Commission in 2011


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Conferencia de Ciudades del Arco Atlántico
The Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities (CAAC) has recently launched a survey to value the results achieved by the implementation of the Atlantic Strategy, an initiative promoted by the European Commission since 2011
Since 2011, the Commission has invested in promoting the revitalization of the marine and maritime economy (blue economy) of the 5 Estates bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, thus generating an Atlantic strategy: France, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom.

This strategy, within the framework to promote territorial cohesion of the European Union, was completed with the elaboration in 2013 of an Atlantic Action Plan by the Commission, a roadmap to implement the strategy, that intended to create a working model based on collaboration between the Estates and leaving behind individual work developed by each one (cooperation).

The established objectives are:

  1. Promote entrepreneurship and innovation
  2. Protect, secure and enhance the marine and coastal environment
  3. Improve accessibility and connectivity
  4. Create a socially inclusive and sustainable model of regional development
The agreed actions will focus on growing the tourism market, meeting the increasing demand for offshore installations, improving education and training in traditional and emerging maritime industries, as well as extending cooperation in the field of oceanic research in order to better assess climate change impacts.

The CAAC, the network of cities that Gijón is part of, has sent us a survey made as a public enquiry for all those interested that want to give their opinion about the Commission's strategy.

The deadline to complete the survey is September 22nd.

Access the survey.