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E-citizen Dialogue Platform


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The City Council of Gijón has developed a free citizen participation platform focused on the dialogue of basic notions of the European Union within the framework of the European project CITIZEU: The impact of Euroscepticism in the construction of Europe.

The Europe for Citizens Program is an initiative of the European Commission that is trying to promote the active participation of citizens in the democratic life of the EU. Within this program the City Council of Gijón presented its CITIZEU project last year: ‘the impact of Euroscepticism in the construction of Europe' finally approved by the Executive Agency that manages the Program.

This initiative will aim to carry out different activities (MOOC courses, citizen dialogues and an online participation platform) focused on the promotion of a citizens' knowledge of basic EU notions, generate a proactive awareness of citizens with respect to the Union; and analyze the rise of the incipient Euroscepticism that is ravaging Europe (origin, consequences, solutions, etc.)

One of these activities will be the launch of the E-citizen Dialogue Platform (, which will try to reach a high range of participation through an online system where the citizens from any part of Europe and beyond it, can exchange opinions about the current situation of the EU and the peoples of Europe.

Europe is not living one of its best moments, the increase of the Euroscepticism, the support of nationalist parties and the separation of the citizen with the European spheres, shake the European project that already has 60 years of experience. To avoid this situation, the CITIZEU project and the E-citizen dialogue Platform, will try to create a comfortable space available for all the citizens to participate and debate about different issues regarding with the issues alluded above.

Access to the platform is very simple filling out a form that requires few steps. Once inside, the user will be able to participate in questions posed, propose ideas or proposals, as well as interact within a participative community that allows dialogue, debate and exchange of ideas among European citizens.

The platform (open to any audience), managed by the Department of European Affairs of the City of Gijón, will be linked with the implementation of a second CITIZEU project action, an online MOOC Course where the Citizens could amplify their knowledge about the EU and its functioning, moving the debates into the E-citizen Platform.

You can sign up on the platform following this link:

You can sign up on the MOOC Course following this link:

Join us, and participate for a more united Europe!

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