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The European and International Affairs Department from the Gijón City Council has a trajectory of more than 15 years in the development of his European profile.

In the last years, the European scene has changed, and currently, when we are immersed in the programming period 2014 – 2020, our city must to cope with several challenges to progress in the European project.

On the one hand, we have to consolidate and delve into all the issues that we have done till the moment, because our city can’t waste the efforts that have contributed to his currently positioning. On the other hand, we have to adapt ourselves in to the new European – urban realities, following a process based on the training, growth and consolidation.

Cities are gaining, in a progressive way, a bigger importance in the EU, presenting a specific problematics (economic, social, environmental, etc.). In that way,Gijón develops the European Urban Agenda, the main European instrument in the fieldof urban develop, that it has been materialized in the Amsterdam Treaty.

These problematics are answered by different ways through the European Programs, or even, by the own cities organizing in networks or cities associations.

The active mood of the Gijon citizenship makes possible the possibility of participate in awareness campaigns to can know the European reality. We can remark the participation at the consolidate European Week of Mobility or the celebration of the Europe week around the 9th of May.

This line of work it must to be consolidate in the future, launching more dissemination activities and encouraging the European values.

All of it, have to be present in the Local European Strategy of the City.

  1. Positioning of Gijón into the urban European sphere (participation in calls connected with Structural and Invest Funds and European Programs) in all the departments of the City Council. With this target, we want to make Gijón a City branding of reference in the European forums.
  2. Sensitization of the “European citizenship” concept (initiatives,events, workshops, etc.)
  3. Progress in the communication and dissemination of the European activity of the Department (website, social media, newsletter,local media, etc.)
  4. Presence in the key institutions and bodies in the regional, national and European sphere (strengthening of the relations).
  5. Participation in cities networks, campaigns and calls to European and international awards (promotion of alliances, twinning among cities, awareness, etc.)


  1. Participation in European and International calls.
  2. Presence in Institutions (national, regional and European) linked to European Funds and Programmes.
  3. Participation in Networks of European and International cities.
  4. Participation in European and International campaings.
  5. Comunication strategy about the local action of the city (in and out of borders).
  6. Coordination of the exterior local accion of the City

PDF Document - 2014 / 2020 Gijón European Strategy
ENG- Local Strategy