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               Welcome to the website of the Department of International Initiatives and European Affairs!

Gijon en europa cuadrado

Since our adhesion to the European project in the 1980s, Gijón has actively joined a number of European initiatives, projects and campaigns. All this has made our City Council one of the most active in the European scenario of cities.

Throughout these years Gijón has participated in dozens of projects and initiatives; In addition it has configured its presence in the main networks of cities and has been present in different international and European forums where it has exchanged its experiences and good practices with other important cities and it has made its voice heard in different issues of interest for the city.

Mission and objectives

  1. The main areas of local external action of the City of Gijón are:
  2. To promote the participation of the City of Gijón in calls, campaigns and European and international initiatives.
  3. Organize the participation of the City Council in networks of cities, European campaigns and other forums of interest.
  4. To channel institutional relations of an international and European carácter.
  5. To publicize the European activity of interest for the citizens of Gijón.

Mission of our portal

In our portal we will keep you informed of the activity of our department and the European and international activity of the other areas of the City of Gijón are aspects such as:

- European projects and other news of interest, for the citizens of Gijón.

- Networks, campaigns and initiatives in which the City of Gijón participates.

- Access to information of interest as the different consulates of the city and twinned cities.